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The "Global Commons" is the set of natural resources, public spaces, cultural traditions, and other essentials of life and society that should be enjoyed by all people and cherished for all our well-being. In this "Information Age" a re-thinking of the role of "Global Commons" is taking place. Information technology revolutionised the way ideas and knowledge are flowing. It has done away with many of the geographic and technological barriers to sharing. This, in turn, has led to a revolution in the way that knowledge and culture are created, accessed, and transformed.

Being human means being part of a shared culture. Not being able to share that culture with others would inhibit diversity. Sharing stimulates improvement and participation, while preventing unnecessary work and maximising efficiency. At Knowledge Must, we expressively share our expert knowledge for stimulating diversity and contributing to the common good. We actively want to participate in maximising social creativity and learning for the sake of everybody's well-being. That is why we use Creative Commons licenses, copyright licenses that allow the distribution of copyrighted works.

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