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This fall, we’re recruiting a legion of CC Superheroes to lead the world in the fight for creativity and innovation. Become a CC Superhero. Donate today.

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You may choose to maximize the impact of your donation to CC by not receiving gifts. You will still receive all non-material benefits (CC Network profile, OpenID, community call, event invites) available at your giving level.

If you are unable to donate via Paypal or Google Checkout, please send an email to [email protected] for alternative payment methods.

cc network

This badge/profile combo shows the world you support Free Culture, allows us to help identify you on license deeds, and helps authenticate your authorship. Place this badge on the CC-licensed works you create, identifying you as a member of the CC Network. When someone clicks on it, it takes them to your CC Network user profile — a place where you can list all of your licensed works.

OpenID Account

Your CC Network profile acts as an OpenID. OpenID allows you to log into many sites without exposing your credentials to them. Creative Commons' OpenID implementation puts privacy first, read how here.


Campaign edition purple CC logo stickers, and logo buttons.

Campaign TShirt
CC Superhero Shirt

CC Superhero design. Available in mens and womens styles on blue American Apparel cotton shirt.

Conference Call

A quarterly community call with various board members, staff, and other members of the CC community to discuss CC issues and news.

CC Event Invite

An invitation to all invitation-only CC events throughout the year, usually 2–3 events.

CC Dinner Invitation

An invitation to all invitation-only CC dinners throughout the year.

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Send a check, payable to Creative Commons Corporation, to:
Melissa Reeder—Development Manager
Creative Commons
171 Second Street, Suite 300,
San Francisco, CA 94105

Please indicate if you would like to maximize the impact of your donation and opt out of receiving any gifts you may be eligible for.

Creative Commons is a Massachusetts-chartered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable corporation. For more information see the about page.

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The fair market value of the t-shirts is $7.00.