Support CC


When you support Creative Commons with an annual contribution of $75.00 USD or more, you receive a Premium membership in the Creative Commons Network. The CC Network includes:

  • OpenID support

    Your CC Network profile acts as an OpenID. OpenID allows you to log into many sites without exposing your credentials to them. Creative Commons' OpenID implementation puts privacy first, read how here.

  • Catalogue Your Works

    Cataloguing a work on the Creative Commons Network is completely optional. As a CC Network member, you can place a badge on pages you create identifying you as a member of the Creative Commons Network. This badge not only gives visible notice that you support Free Culture, but allows us to link to your CC Network profile from the license deed.

  • Share Your Story

    You're the reason CC works. Now, as CC continues to grow, it's important that we capture and share the stories of how our worldwide community uses CC, so that others may come to understand the benefits of the Creative Commons. We want to hear your stories of how CC has helped you make and disseminate your work. Tell us, and the world, why CC is important to you.

  • Need More Help?

    Have more questions or need additional information? Email [email protected]