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Neeru Khosla

Neeru Khosla

Neeru Khosla


Textbooks are like dinosaurs: clunky, archaic, and not readily available. That's why Neeru Khosla founded CK12 Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to lowering the cost of educational materials and making them more freely accessible around the world. Khosla recruited teachers from all over America to help write CK12 textbooks and published all the material under Creative Commons licenses.

By August 2009, she had a complete repertoire of original high school science, engineering, and math course materials available on her web site. "We distributed it online so that anybody could use it," she says. "If you can access the Internet, you can download as much of the book as you need." Khosla also encourages the remixing of educational materials — instead of shlepping through pedantic chapters of a heavyweight hardcover, she wants teachers to have the freedom to mix, match, and redesign content and build on what teachers from prior years may have left behind. "Too often I've seen teachers leave the institution, forcing the next teacher to start fresh. If you want to customize content and mix and match content, an open model makes much more sense than having copyrighted material."


Khosla's superpower wish:

I want to be able to change people's mindsets. The fact is, there are no superheroes. We're just human beings. I'd love to make more people believe that "we can do it."

Khosla on CC:

Creative Commons is a statement; we represent the philosophy of sharing. To make a difference in education, we have to ensure that all students have access to information that is relevant to them.

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